The Carousel at Pottstown
History of Philadelphia Toboggan Company
Carousel #9

This carousel was built by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company in 1905. PTC#9 was first operated in Euclid Beach, Cleveland, Ohio. It is noted from the archives of PTC that the carousel was constructed with no moving animals. The animals were configured in a row with three across. No chariots were on the original carousel. This was the first carousel that Euclid Beach Park used. It debuted in 1905; in 1910, it was replaced by the PTC#19.

The carousel moved, as it was configured in 1905, to Laurel Springs Amusement Park (1910-1925), Hartford, Connecticut.

It returned to the factory in 1925 and was reconfigured by PTC and labeled as #74R. This configuration had 2 chariots placed between an outside and inside row animal. The carousel was changed to include jumping animals by customizing the drive mechanism adding crankshafts which attached the animals to the gears that made them go up and down. It is thought that PTC modified some of the original stationary animals and made them into jumping animals by changing their legs around. The carousel, now labeled #74R, was placed in Mount Gretna, Pennsylvania from 1926 to 1928.

In 1929, it was returned to PTC and modified as #86R. 86R’s configuration differed from #9 and #74R as the outside row of animals were all offset to not line up with the middle or inside row of animals. The only jumping animals were the middle and inside row. All the crankshafts were modified or remade to accommodate this last modification. The carousel was then sent to and operated at Joyland Park in Lexington, KY. This park was in operation from 1923 till 1964. It was demolished in 1965 to make way for new homes.

It last operated in Twin Grove Park in Pine Grove, Pa. It is believed to have arrived there sometime around 1964. It was sold and dismantled in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s with the animals and other artwork being sold off.
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