Enroll in Our Exciting Volunteering Services
We need volunteers and sponsors for our carousel. Be a part of The Carousel at Pottstown by taking advantage of our volunteering opportunities. Join us today. We're located at 30 West King Street Pottstown, PA.

We Value Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are committed and are:
  • The source of all accomplishments of our programs
  • The most critical and unique resource we have 
  • The leaders in our organization
  • Committed long term with frequent participation
  • Committed to a safe, productive, and cohesive environment
  • Responsible for our future

Our Vision

Many carousels in the US draw more than a hundred thousand visitors a year. Our carousel helps attract additional businesses to our downtown community. Our vision is to:
  • Improve property values 
  • Increase employment
  • Dissipate crime 
  • Enhance the quality of life
  • Encourage home ownership

To Become One of 
Our Volunteers, Call:
The Carousel At Pottstown is a 
non-profit charitable organization. 
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