The Carousel’s History

Built in 1905 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company

History in the making

Our carousel was built by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company in 1905 and designated as PTC#9. At that time it had no moving animals and no chariots according to the PTC archives. The animals were configured in rows of three across.

Its first home was at Euclid Beach Park in Cleveland, Ohio and it was the first carousel used at the park, debuting in 1905. By 1909 it had been replaced by PTC #19. The carousel moved then to Laurel Springs Amusement Park in Hartford, Connecticut in 1909 and remained there until 1925 in its original configuration.


In 1935 the carousel found a new home at Twin Grove Park in Pine Grove, Pa. Sometime in the early 80’s it was dismantled. With its original animals and decorations sold at auction, the “remnants lay in storage in Dallastown, Pa.”

Over many years of labor the carousel was rebuilt and restored all by volunteer efforts. New animals were commissioned from Ed Roth, a master sculptor who also carved animals for carousels at Disney Parks. Local artists painstakingly painted and finished the animals. The mechanism was updated and restored by local machinists and mechanics. The building housing it was obtained and refurbished thanks to generous donations, sponsorships and hard won grants.

The Carousel is home to stay in Pottstown!


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