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The Carousel At Pottstown is proud of the fact that it’s the second oldest wooden carousel in the US.

Our Carousel at Pottstown’s mission is to be a catalyst for the revitalization and continued economic growth of downtown Pottstown and surrounding regions. The Carousel will attract visitors to downtown businesses, improve local property values, stimulate employment and enhance the town’s quality of live.

After almost 20 years of work, The Carousel at Pottstown is now up and running. We have on-site parking and no charge for admission. The rides are just $2.00. We do birthday parties, receptions, reunions, meetings, corporate and community events. Reserve space for your party or rent the entire facility for your private function.


A Special Thanks to

Jim Arms

Alan MacBain

Mark Saylor

Gail Yoder

Adam Sager

B.J. Peterman