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The carousel is named The Derek Scott Saylor Memorial Carousel at Pottstown Exhibition Center. The Saylor’s loving gift, in memory of their young son, enabled the project to move forward.

We are actively seeking sponsors to complete the funding for this project. Currently, we have raised over $1,100,000. We have fully restored the carousel, acquired all of the animals and secured a building. We are now in our formal capital campaign mode, seeking funds to refurbish our building. Total renovation costs for the building are estimated at about $2.5 million. All contributions accepted by our 501©3 organization are tax deductible.

Your name acknowledging your sponsorship will be inscribed on a brass plaque.

View the Sponsored Animals

Animals Available for Sponsorship

Many animals are available for sponsorship. Most sponsors do this as a Remembrance, in honor of, or to highlight a business.

However there are no rules to sponsor an animal. Pricing ranges from $2,500 to $6,000.



The bricks are built into the outdoor patio and also surrounding the building. Your name or sponsorship is inscribed into the brick for all to see. These very attractive bricks are made of black granite.

Sponsorship levels are $50 - $75.
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Scenic Panels

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These painted murals are custom painted for the sponsor. These can be Remembrance, in honor of, etc. The paintings are set in the early 1900's so it adds greatly to the era and architectural authenticity for the period Carousel.

The price for sponsoring a scenic panel is $600 to the Carousel and $600 to the artist upon the sponsor approval.

Building and Naming Rights

These rights cover a lot of territory so please contact George Wausnock at 610-323-8500 for more information.

Rounding Boards

View the Rounding Boards

All of the boards have been sponsored. However if you would like to see them, click here.


The Carousel is a quality of life project. Your sponsorship will help with the ongoing effort to revitalize the Borough of Pottstown.

The Borough is on the move and making some big changes. Learn more by visiting the Borough Website.

The Carousel At Pottstown was officially incorporated October 10, 2000 and received 501©3 status from the IRS as a non-profit charitable organization.

Email the Carousel

Pottstown Carousel
PO Box 681., Pottstown, PA 19464
P: (610) 323-6099

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