We Can Save $64,000 on New Commercial Doors

If You Help Us Raise the $15,000 Needed to Purchase Them

We Can Go From This ------------------------------To This


The Old, Broken, Dirty DoorNew Doors on Building

What we have - Old, deteriorating, broken doors. Doors that either won't open or can't close tightly.

What we will have - Brand new glass and aluminum high quality doors. Doors that will let sunlight flood into the building, keep the weather out, and make the carousel progress fully visible.

Through the generosity of a local business owner, the Carousel at Pottstown has been given the opportunity to purchase four high quality aluminum and glass commercial overhead doors at a significant discount. Originally slated for a firehouse in New Jersey, the doors became available when it was decided the firehouse doors should be red. Retail cost of the doors is $78,000 not including installation but we at the Carousel have been offered the chance to have

All Four Doors Fully Installed for Under $15,000!



Volunteer Spotlight -

Volunteers are the lifeblood for The Carousel at Pottstown. Without their selfless dedication the Carousel would be nothing. Aside from the construction of the bump-out and the replacement of the roof, ALL the work to bring the Carousel to life has been achieved through the efforts of people whose only payment is the satisfaction of creating something very special. Whether their contribution is in construction, fundraising, marketing, as an artist or even as gopher extrodinaire, each volunteer is a valued part of our Carousel Family.

Artist Olin Mittan

Artist Olin Mittan with Indian Pony

Olin Mittan, computer programmer. In my early 30’s I was stricken with a passion for the artistic aspects of the carousel after an encountered a beautiful antique horse standing alone outside a shop at Busch Gardens amusement part in Williamsburg, VA. Not having the means to purchase my own antique animal, I tried carving a small one of my one, but didn’t get very far. My love of the art remained though, and many years later, after moving to Pottstown, stumbled on the Carousel At Pottstown shop on High Street. The next thing I knew I had volunteered to work on the restoration project. That was 10 years ago.

At first I was just sanding and priming the new animals that came in from the carver in California, but after handing off three beautiful horses to others for final painting, I decided I’d like to try painting one myself. I was almost in shock when the committee assigned me the Indian Pony with the wolf skin saddle to paint. Not only do I love the art of the carousel, but I also have a great passion for wolves, so I was ecstatic over having this particular horse to work on. But when it came time to put brush to animal, I almost chickened out because I was so afraid of ruining it. After all, I’m a programmer, not an artist. And I’ve never worked with oil paints. But with the help and support of the other people on the project, I took a deep breath and started painting. Then I couldn’t stop. It was just so amazing to first see the wolf, and then the horse, come to life at my fingertips.

The Indian pony turned out great, as did the lead giraffe I did next, and am now working on the magnificent tiger.

I’m thrilled to be a part of this project, and am as anxious as anyone to see the final product. I know everyone will love this carousel as much as we volunteers who have put our hearts into bringing it back to life.

You can be a part of The Carousel at Pottstown too. Spread the word and join us at our upcoming events, take advantage of a variety of sponsorship opportunities, or learn more about the many ways to volunteer.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Beautifully carved and painted animals for our restored 1905 Philadelphia Toboggan Co. carousel are still available for sponsorship. For more details and current availability please email George Wausnock.


The Carousel At Pottstown was officially incorporated October 10, 2000 and received 501©3 status from the IRS as a non-profit charitable organization.

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